Erik de Zwart

Erik de Zwart was born in Amsterdam in the late fifties. He grew up with the pirate radio stations on the North Sea. By the time he was old enough to apply for a job, they where banned by the government. Nevertheless, Erik became a real pirate DJ on the famous and illegal Radio Caroline in 1979. The ship went down but Erik's career went up in Holland. He worked as a DJ and TV host on the also very famous Radio Veronica, wich had become a official Dutch broadcaster. In 1992 he co-started the biggest commercial radio station in the Netherlands : Radio 538. 10 years later Erik left as CEO and the station was sold. He then started several radio stations in Holland, Denmark and Belgium. The last 10 years Erik is enjoying life as much as possible. Being married to Marika, they have 2 daughters, he's now planning a new adventure: travelling by train and show these trips on the internet to a large audience. But first there's a world record to be sorted by flying around the world with commercial airlines. Let's do it!

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