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#recordrunworld – around the world in 63 hours!

The world's most traveled Norwegian, Gunnar Garfors, is looking to set new records!

On June 6th, Garfors and his brand-new team of globetrotters are getting ready to visit every continent in the world, faster than anyone in history. Get ready for #recordrunworld! "The travel adventure begins on the 6th of June somewhere in Africa. If everything runs smoothly, we’ll return 63 hours later, together with a brand-new World Record. During 3 days and nights we’ll visit Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, Central America, South America and Europe. To get the record approved by Guinness’’, Garfors says, ‘’all the transport must be done using passenger airliners.’’

The Norwegian globetrotter has already become  world famous for his traveling. He has the World Record for visiting the most states in the USA during 24 hours, as well as the most European countries (19) during one day and one night. In July, he even published a book about his traveling, “198: How I Ran Out of Countries".‘’To beat the record, we’ll be needing a fair share of favorable wind, a good quantity of downhills, and some old-fashioned luck. The planning of the record attempt has already been going on for several months, we’re as well prepared as we could be . But when facing a crazy race against the clock, we cannot suffer any unforeseen delays, Garfors explains.

This time Garfors has gathered an international team, consisting of the Dutch pair Erik De Zwart and Ronald Haanstra, the Brit Derek Bell and least but not last, the Norwegian YouTube Star Per Fredrik ”PelleK” Åsly!

PelleK has more than two million followers on YouTube and during the epic trip he will be posting pictures and videos on his Some channels.

‘’Our goal has always been  to inspire people to travel more and make their dreams come true. With PelleK participating in this trip, we are reaching a brand-new audience’’, Gunnar Garfors says.

PelleK thinks it's great being a part of the World Record Team.

‘’This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I am really looking forward to sharing it with my followers. I’m impatient to be starting on June 6th. After all, going around the world in 63 hours is crazy!

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