Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly

Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly, known as PelleK, is a Norwegian actor, composer and singer, best known in the rock and metal scene for his vocal range which spans between four octaves. On YouTube the artist is the number one most subscribed musician from Norway, and his songs and music videos are played frequently in metal programming on TV and radio (predominantly in Europe, Japan and South America). PelleK's unique covers are often met with praise from the songs composers which has been the biggest catalyst to the young singers' rise to fame. An example of this is his video "All Power Rangers Theme Songs" being such a hit with Haim Saban owner of the Power Rangers brand (Saban International), that they bought the rights to the video and re-released it worldwide as an official Power Rangers EP-album. PelleK's music is melodic and upbeat, usually backed up by an orchestra, and with emphasis on the vocal performance.

In september 2013 PelleK went on a tour through the U.S.A and Europe with a live band, playing a total of 16 concerts in 11 countries. After 4 years as a singer PelleK has played over 100 live shows, released 4 albums with original material, 16 albums with cover songs and is, as of november 2014 the most subscribed
YouTube video-maker from Norway. 

From August until November 2015, Per Fredrik was one of twelve celebrities dancing live on TV in front of judges and an audience on the Norwegian celebrity TV-show "Dancing with the Stars", finishing in fifth place. On the show, which is one of the highest rated in Norwegian TV-programming, he was referred to as a chameleon for his versatility and ability to achieve high scores in both latin dances as well as the standard ones.

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