The record is getting close!

After almost giving up in Los Angeles, Gunnar Garfors, Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly and the #RecordRunWorld-crew are on the homestretch for a new world-record!

Published: 06/09/2017 Updated: 06/09/2017

Just past 03.00 AM (GMT) friday, Gunnar Garfors, Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly and the rest of the # RecordRunWorld team left Bogota, Colombia enroute for Europe. The crew has now visited 5 of a total of 6 continents since the world-record attempt started Tuesday evening. The chances are now huge for Garfors & Co to end up in Guinness Book of World Records!

- We've had some trouble along the way, but now we´re really om the homestretch. If we can manage to get to Europe and return to the starting point in Alger, Algeria during early afternoon friday, we got a new world-record on our hands! states a happy but tired Gunnar Garfors.

Sponsor of the world record attempt, bettingcompany ComeOn! has1.65 odds on Garfors & co to succesfully get around the earth in 63 hours. The odds for them to fail are at 2.00.

Gunnar Garfors predicted that there would be problems along the way in the record attempt, and he got it right. #RecordRunWorld had the worst imaginable start when the dutchmen Ronald Haanstra and Erik de Zwart were delayed to the starting point in Algiers. With only seconds to spare,  they were able to board the plane to next destination, Dubai.

But most dramatically, in Los Angeles, USA, only exceptional help from the airline United Airlines saved the record attempt from Totalhavari.

The hopes of traveling around The World in 63 hours were fading when Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly, Gunnar Garfors, Derek Bell, Erik de Zwart and Ronald Haanstra were held up at the US immigration checkpoint at Los Angles airport with just 40 minutes to spare until their next departure.

- This was the our big test. We were very aware that this could be tricky, and it really was!. The Americans are very strickt when it comes to bordercontrol, and it was impossible for us to bypass it, says travel manager Garfors,

He had more or less given up on the world record when the #RecordRunWorld gang was stuck at the bordercontroll..

- We had actually lost the plane, but United Airlines realized the seriousness of the situation and obviously wanted to keep our world record-attempt alive. They simply made a fully booked flight wait for us, so we managed to get through immigration and onboard the plane to Mexico and further on to Bogota, Colombia.

So far #RecordRunWorld-teamet have visited Alger (Afrika), Dubai (Asia), Brisbane (Oceania), Los Angeles (Amerika), Mexico (Amerika) og Bogota (Sør Amerika). Europe remains.